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Undo is a gameplay mechanic of Catherine. It allows the player to revert various actions, most commonly block movements in Nightmare stages as well as Rapunzel.


The undo mechanic allows the player to revert any block movements made, whether they were moved by the player or other sheep. When used, the game will backtrack to the point before the block movement is made, returning Vincent, the moved block and the progress of the collapsing stage to that position. When facing some bosses, the player can also use the undo mechanic to "interrupt" their attacks. Generally, the player has a limited number of uses of the undo mechanic which varies depending on the game and/or difficulty in Nightmare stages. In the Rapunzel minigame of all three games, the player can only undo up to 9 of their last block movements.

Catherine/Catherine Classic[]

In Catherine and Catherine Classic, the mechanic is only available when playing on Very Easy, Easy and Normal difficulties. The undo can be used by pressing Back (Xbox 360) or Select (PlayStation 3). In this game, the undo mechanic also refills the bonus point step timer, allowing the player to easily maintain incrementing their step counter. The player can only undo up to 10 block movements.

Catherine: Full Body[]

In Catherine: Full Body, the undo can be used by pressing L (PlayStation Vita/Nintendo Switch) or L1 (PlayStation 4). The mechanic has been reworked compared to the original Catherine and Catherine Classic. In addition to any block movements, the player can also undo any item usages. The chosen difficulty now determines the maximum number of undos the player starts with in a Nightmare stage (10 for Safety, 5 for Easy, 3 for Normal and 1 for Hard). The player can increase the maximum number of undos for each mystic pillow they collect. The number of undos is now properly displayed in the game's HUD (in the format "remaining # of undos / maximum # of undos", with the current number increasing for each action. Undos no longer refill the step counter timer as its remaining duration at the moment of the block movement is now also accounted for.

In all difficulties except Hard, an undo is also used if the player dies by means other than falling off the stage due to the stage crumbling reaching them or by a boss's attack (ie. stepping onto a hazardous block), an undo is automatically used. If the player dies while having no remaining undos except on Safety, the Love is Over screen is shown where the player will have to retry the stage (from the beginning or checkpoint) or return to the title screen.

Like with Nightmare stages in Full Body, the number of undos is also displayed while playing Rapunzel.

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