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Recommended Strategy

Below is the recommended strategy for seeing almost all the dialogue available, including rarer pieces, like conversations that are only available for a short time or discussions with Erica if you get drinks at the table instead of the bar. It takes advantage of the fact that time does not pass when you speak to someone standing up.

Indicates a conversation that has a Karma choice.
Indicates an action that is necessary for obtaining an achievement.

The following activities have no impact on time, and can be done anytime, as much as you want: Access the ATM, watch TV, play Rapunzel, and wash your face in the bathroom.
Drink Cocktail x3 (for Cocktail Connoisseur Achievement).
Watch extra scene with Erica.
Drink Whisky x3 (for Whisky Wiseman Achievement).
Drink Beer x3 (for Beer Baron Achievement).
Drink Sake x3 (for Sake Sensei Achievement).
Talk to Orlando.
Talk to Jonny.
Talk to Toby (2x).
Receive Mail 2-1 (Congratulations!).
Talk to Jonny.
Talk to Orlando.
Answer Mail 2-2 (Are you at SS again?).
Talk to Erica (3x).
Talk to Boss.
Answer Mail 2-3 (Is this reaching you?).
Talk to Boss.
Receive Mail 2-4 (The Passage of Time), Answer Mail 2-6 (About tomorrow), if you correctly responded to Mail 2-2).
Receive phone call from Katherine if you correctly responded to Mail 2-6.
Talk to Lindsay and Martha.
Stand up from the booth and talk to Lindsay and Martha again.
Talk to Todd and Archie and Justin while standing, then sit down at the bar to get both conversations at once (for A New Look and Mother Inferior Achievements for Todd and Archie, and Read All About It! for Justin).
Stand up and talk to Todd and Archie again, and then Justin again.
Sit down with Orlando, Jonny and Toby. Orlando goes to the restroom.
Talk to Orlando and Jonny.
Answer Mail 2-5 (R U getting these?) or Mail 2-7 (YAY), depending on how you responded to Mail 2-3.
Talk to Toby.
Talk to Boss.

Answer Mail 2-7 (YAY) if you ignored Mail 2-3 and responded positively to Mail 2-5.

Wash your face in the restroom.

Play rapunzel

Talk to Boss to advance time to closing the bar.
Catherine will arrive. Time has now completely stopped. Talk to her twice, and then leave.

Conversation Choices

Red text indicates an answer that must be given to obtain that character's achievement for solving their problem.

Character Question Answer Law/Chaos
Orlando ...But if she's that cute a girl, maybe it's a lucky "accident", huh? Don't say that... Law
That's only if I don't get caught. Chaos
Justin ...Hm? Have I met you somewhere before?
I don't know... Neutral
Todd/Archie Have we met?
I don't think so... Neutral
Boss Unintentional...? Are you sure about that? I'm telling the truth. Law
I actually don't remember... Chaos

Time Breakdown


  • Orlando, Jonny, Toby, Justin, Todd, Archie, Lindsay and Martha are available.


  • Envelope closed.png Mail 2-1 (Midnight Venus: Congratulations!)


  • Envelope closed.png Mail 2-2 (Katherine: Are you at SS again?)


  • Envelope closed.png Mail 2-3 (Catherine: Is this reaching you?)


  • Envelope closed.png Mail 2-4 (Midnight Venus: The Passage of Time)
  • Envelope closed.png Mail 2-6 (Katherine: About tomorrow)


  • Orlando goes to the bathroom.


  • Lindsay and Martha leave.


  • Envelope closed.png Mail 2-5 (Catherine: R U getting these?)
  • Todd and Archie leave.


  • Envelope attach.png Mail 2-7 (Catherine: YAY)
  • Justin leaves.


  • Orlando, Jonny and Toby leave.
  • Catherine arrives.
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