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The Underground Cemetery is the very first stage of Catherine. The stage is accessed as soon as Day 1 changes to Nightmare Realm.


Even on Hard, it is almost impossible to die on this stage as the immovable black blocks only show up at the top of the tower.

As soon as you have control of Vincent, start moving up the tower. Eventually, the Voice should inform you that you can move blocks. If you are looking for Gold, move them so the form a staircase to the Enigma Coins.

Once you reach the black area of the tower, make sure to check your distance meter. If the blocks are far behind you, the enigma coins are easy to get.


Grab the coin pile sitting to the right and push the first block left. Leap onto it, grab the coins and do the same with the next block. Leap up the block and onto the goal.


Push the first block and jump on to it to grab the coins. Push the next one over, and jump onto it. Do the same with the final block and you'll reach the goal.


Push the first block into the pit and push the next one on top of it. Jump onto it and pull out the next block in the second length and pull the first block back for an edge. Leap onto them, grab the coins and push the block so it connects to the final length. Pull the blocks carefully and once you can reach the final block from the staircase, if you did it correctly, push it forward, leap onto it and grab the coins. Jump onto the goal platform to finish the first nightmare.


Silver Gold
Easy 12,300 15,400
Normal 12,900 16,200
Hard 16,400 18,900


Easy Normal Hard
Maps 1-1 Easy.png
Maps 1-1 Normal.png
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Hard (JP)

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