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Catherine has several modes which are interesting to play for time attack or score attack. Some records are uploaded to online leaderboards, while others are only stored locally. Some competition is even done with no in-game record keeping.


Babel records are the only records which support in-game online leaderboards. Even with online leaderboards, the world records are not immediately obvious as there are 4 separate leaderboards for different releases of the game. The various PS3 releases have shared leaderboards, and the X360 has 3 separate leaderboards for each of the Japanese, North American, and PAL releases.

Due to a serious game bug, Axis Mundi (Single) is believed to only be completable in the Japanese releases. In all other releases the game refuses to advance past level 2 no matter how many steps you climb, and eventually the rate of collapse of the bottom rows becomes impossibly fast and forces a game over. Yes, this means Japanese players have an unfair advantage on the PS3 leaderboards. However for the purposes of showing world records, a distinction is made below between Japanese version and glitchy version of Axis Mundi. Other levels are not affected and do not need separate record tracking.

The following world records are based on all 4 leaderboards, retrieved on various dates in December 2012.

Level Mode Time Player Leaderboard Video
Altar Single 3:38 MeRcY2010 PS3 No
Menhir Single 5:03 skm-2nd PS3 No
Obelisk Single 6:59 skm-2nd PS3 No
Axis Mundi Single 91 Steps DQRF X360-NA No
Axis Mundi (jp) Single 10:34 skm-2nd PS3 No
Altar Pair 2:06 Team-DeHackEd PS3 Yes
Menhir Pair 3:07 Team-colourthief X360-JP Yes
Obelisk Pair 3:34 Team-colourthief X360-JP Yes
Axis Mundi Pair 4:59 Team-colourthief X360-JP Yes


The game locally saves the best scores using a single credit, visible in Rapunzel's arcade-style high score list. However, no known competition has sprung up for this.

Golden Theater[]

The game locally saves the best scores for each stage, visible through Vincent's phone. However, no known competition has sprung up for this. There has been competition of speed runs of the entire game, though the game itself does not keep time. The world record for Normal difficulty is currently held by Gamingnerd with a time of 1 hours 31 minutes and 08 seconds (load times included). The world record for Easy difficulty is currently held by Bostonbrew with a time of 1 hour 49 minutes and 34 seconds (load times included) There currently exists no record for Very Easy or Hard Difficulties.


Catherine (Normal) World Record (1:31:08)(High Quality)

Catherine (Easy) World Record (1:50:34)